Al-Ebda’a center consulting & training was established in 2011 , it’s a specialized in business development consultation and training services.

Our services:
Programs and training courses implementations.
Social responsibilities programs ( providing a series of activities and non-profit events which aims to serve both individual and society.
Consultants from divers disciplines ,in collaboration with more than 80 coach and a divisors , to many fields of human development , in
business development , educational and social & family.

Services for the small business / projects owners:

  • Consulting and visibility studies.
  • Business plans for projects developments.
  • Marketing and advertising services.
  • Trade licensing services.
  • Consulting and solutions for stalled projects.
  • Franchise services for small business.
  • Administrative offices with service.
  • Courses and training programs.

Service for trainer and training centers:

  • Advice for trainers.
  • Training packages preparation and adoption.
  • Local and international certification.
  • Marketing services for programs and trainers.
  • Full coordination services for preparing and implementing courses and programs for coaches , individuals and centers.

Other service presented by Al-Ebda’a center:

  • The gulf from Arab coach’s an annual meeting that Al-Ebda’a center is one of its organizers.
  • Al-Ebda’a mall for training and development products.
  • Office services with administrative service.
  • Al-Ebda’a club for entrepreneur / promoter and small projects owners.
  • Specialists consulting from various disciplines and fields

Marketing Services:

  • We offer a marketing and advertisement services through AlEbdaa facilities Al-Ebdaa magazine, Al-Ebdaa Forum , a website with more than 2000 registered at our website:
  • Al-Ebdaa on Twitter with more than 15.500 followers >>>> @993951299
  • Al-Ebdaa on Facebook – 3 pages and more than 10.000 followers Al-Ebdaa on Instagram
  • also we have mail server marketing , we send emails for more than 7000 emails and a page on LinkedIn

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